Heartfelt Gratitude from the Library & Reading Room!!


We would like to give a giant bear hug to our Highlands families and PTA for their generosity and support through the Scholastic Book Fair!!  Your Scholastic Book Fair purchases earn Highlands credit in Scholastic Dollars to purchase more wonderful books and supplies for our school.  


Scholastic Dollars earned from last year’s book fair enabled the Library and Reading Room to spend approximately $8000 on new books and a new rug!


Thank you for helping our school community and supporting our growing readers!


Nichelle Garcia, Librarian

Missy Keadle, Reading Intervention Teacher



Greetings Highlands families!  


Library doors opened on September 5.  Each class visits the library once a week.  Students have spent the last couple of weeks getting to know the library, reviewing library procedures, and learning how to take good care of their library books - see below. Library policies for each grade level are as follows:




The 3rd-5th graders are given a longer loan period so they can have more time with longer chapter books or grade level research projects – they can have up to 2 weeks if they need it, or they can return and check out new books each week.


Each student has been given one library book bag – these bags were purchased by the school to help protect library books as they are transported to and from home.  Book bags help protect library books from potential water bottle and lunch box leaks, as well as other outside elements.  Please help encourage your child be Responsible, Safe, and Respectful with their library books and book bags each week.


It is my hope that our library is a special place where students feel welcome to explore books with wonder, imagination, and excitement.  I look forward to welcoming them as they grow as readers, thinkers, and dreamers.


Nichelle Garcia




"Every child, one voice."

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