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9/24 | Family Event - Lotería! with Rachael

Loteria Bingo Card

Highlands PTA Presents:

Loteria! with Rachael 

Sept 24th at 6:30pm


Come join us for a new online game event that will be fun for the whole family: Loteria! There will be music, laughs, and just general silliness. :)

Lotería is a popular family game similar to Bingo that has been played in Mexico since 1769. It is a great way to learn or practice your Spanish!  

Click here to sign up and receive your Loteria Tabla (Loteria Bingo card) and Zoom invite!


Be sure to sign up for your card no later than September 22nd. 

Priscilla Shaw on 8/21/2020 12:02 am

"Every child, one voice."

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