Dear Highlands Community, 


I’m Rachael, your new PTA president. Welcome to a new year at Highlands Elementary! Our community is strong and together parents, teachers, and staff work to build a supportive learning environment where our kids can flourish and thrive. We strive to bring out the best in every child and place a high value on being safe, responsible, and respectful. 


WHO: The Highlands PTA isn’t just a group of crazy ladies arguing over flower arrangements. The people who are the PTA make a real difference at Highlands and support the programs and staff positions that give Highlands its unique learning environment. We are a group of committed parents and guardians who want to show our support for our teachers and execute on supporting important programs for our kids.


WHAT: When I was a new Highlands parent, I didn’t have any clue how our complex school machine worked. Let me break it down for you: Our school district gives our school money to support the fundamentals and most of what is mandated by law. Our PTA wants our kids to have an enriched learning environment with strong community programs that inspire them to discover and explore. To put it bluntly, without the PTA and the Highlands SMART Fund, our kids wouldn’t have art in the classroom, a computer lab with teacher, an award-winning community garden, a Kinder Physical Education teacher, an updated library, and 5th grade science dissections, just to name a few of the many special things our PTA provides for our kids.


WHY: You might be wondering how do you fit into all of this. Well, YOUR voice is OUR voice at Highlands. Become a PTA member to show your appreciation for all of the programs we support at Highlands through the Highlands SMART Fund. Becoming a member gives you a forum to share your voice and be more in the know about the happenings at Highlands. (Side note: When you become a member, you are not signing up to volunteer for anything I promise!) 


ADDED BONUS: When you become a PTA member, share your suggestions, feedback, or ideas (anonymously or not) about Highlands at All information collected will be shared with the principal and the PTA Executive Board on a monthly basis.


WHERE: Online ( or inquire in the Highlands office.


WHEN: NOW! Sign up today to become a PTA member and donate to the Highlands SMART Fund to show your support for the amazing programs we have at Highlands.


HOW to support your kids at Highlands:


1. Read the Weekly/Monthly teacher letters


2. Sign up for weekly Bear Bytes email e-newsletters (                    *Note: You do not have to be a PTA member to receive the Bear Bytes.*


3. Donate to the Highlands SMART Fund. 

 (To support all of our programs our ask this year is $800 per child or $1600 per family; however, any amount helps your child. For example $100 pays for your child’s art lessons, classroom supplies, weekly computer lab visits, and hands-on classroom science)


4. Become a PTA member (       


The year will be full of new friends, amazing learning opportunities, and unexpected surprises. I’m excited to enjoy the journey together with you!


Rachael Webster

2019-20 PTA President

"Every child, one voice."

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