Everyone has a voice. As a PTA, we are here to be a voice for connecting the parents, teachers, and administrators, for the benefit of the children. If you have any suggestions/feedback/ideas that affect our community or school as a whole, please share here. Information entered here will be screened for privacy, security, and appropriateness, and then shared with the principal and the PTA executive board on a monthly basis.


Voice the Positive

We are surrounded by incredible, generous, and thoughtful kids, teachers, and staff. Because it is so much easier for us to focus on the negatives, efficient/effective things are taken for granted and many everyday acts of kindness or helpfulness are overlooked. Recognizing the positives that make us glad to be at Highlands help us be appreciative of our amazing community.


Voice the Negative

Everyone tries their best to make Highlands an incredible place, but there is always room for improvement. All feedback is welcome, but some of the best solutions come from those who understand the problem. Please provide a suggested action item that can be taken regarding your feedback if you are identifying a specific issue.


IMPORTANT: For privacy and security reasons this is not the appropriate forum to discuss specific students or staff. If you have an immediate concern or a concern regarding a specific student or staff please contact the principal, Lana Fenech directly ( ).